I began using Joe’s, just4engineers recruitment more than 10 years ago and he has been my primary contact whenever I am seeking new roles on large yachts. In 2008, when I was seeking my first large yacht role as a 2nd Engineer, at that time, I was an experienced sole engineer on private 40m sailing yachts, but still unlicensed. Undeterred, Joe was convinced that my experience would speak for itself and put me forward towards a 2nd Engineer’s role aboard a 53m Perini Navi, which required a Y4 ticket. After a successful interview, the Captain petitioned Flag state to allow for a dispensation and I sailed aboard her for a year before returning to University to finish my degree in Marine Engineering and EOOW qualifications. Following University, Joe continued to offer tailored roles complementing my experience and interests, while I sought a different career in Oil and Gas, Joe was always willing to promptly answer emails and offer advice. Truly, best-in-class service!

Simon Glass

Since I joined Yachting in 2008, Joe and just4crew have always play a primordial role, providing an outstanding and personal service, fulfilling my personal needs, and placing me in the correct yacht every time. I got my first job in yachting thanks to Joe, who continue placing me on another boats afterwards. I thanks to him and his team to help me to rise my career and progress within the Industry, since the early days on the lower ranks, to nowadays.

Ignacio Bordenave

The service I received from Joe was great and very helpful.

Mike Newland

J4crew (just4engineers) give that personal touch not just send me your CV company, Highly recommended.