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How to Strengthen Your Reputation as a Superyacht Employer

Recruiting the best crew to work on your superyacht is a challenging task, as the crème de la crème of the industry are of course in much demand! There are numerous steps that a superyacht employer can improve their chances of recruiting the best candidates, which we explore in this article. Reputation management is crucial […]

FAQs asked when applying for Superyacht jobs

Superyacht jobs have major appeal to “yachties”, but often there are many questions applicants have before applying for these roles. We have summarised some of the most popular questions asked along with the answers! We’ve put together this handy FAQ guide for superyacht job seekers What hours are typically worked on a superyacht? Well, it’s […]

The Impact of technology and the Internet on Superyacht Recruitment

In the old days, recruitment was managed by phone or “snail mail”. Paper-based CV’s were the “norm”. This was before the advent of the internet, in this article we briefly explore three main areas where technology and the internet have transformed recruitment in the superyacht sector. The recruitment sector has been revolutionised by changes in […]