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How to find your next superyacht job online – without walking the docks

Finding your first or next superyacht job can be a challenge. For many, the temptation is to walk the docks (which we admit can be effective), but you can’t be everywhere at once! Here we provide some tips/advice on finding your next superyacht job online.


Walking the docks (or dockwalking) in ports such as Barcelona, Antibes, Palma, etc. has been a “tried and tested” approach to landing superyacht crew jobs.

Dockwalking in reality though is tough, both physically and mentally, it requires endurance! Dockwalkers will face many rejections and possibly spend a lot of time and effort without any success.

These days, even getting near the yachts can be a challenge due to well-founded security concerns (e.g. terrorism).


Look online – you can only walk one dock at a time!

Even if you do decide to dockwalk, you can only be at one place at a time! So, going online is the natural answer, jobseekers gain access to superyacht job opportunities anywhere in the world at the touch of a button.


Use a recruitment website

With dockwalking you might find a job, but would it be the very best one for your talents, skills and experience? That’s highly doubtful! Whereas, a recruitment website (such as J4Crew) would have a large number of vacancies with filtering tools to choose the ideal job, in the ideal area that matches your skills set and salary/package aspirations.

Using a recruitment website is a “no brainer” really, which is why so many candidates find jobs online this way. Why not register with J4Crew today to view our latest vacancies?


Even better use a mobile app

If you can use a mobile app instead, this will give you access to superyacht job opportunities on the move at the touch of a button. Mobile apps are still online, access is through your mobile device rather than through a laptop/desktop. Well designed mobile apps should have all the content and job listings of a superyacht agency website.


Find a superyacht job online now

The internet is a perfect way to find your next superyacht job. Register with J4Crew now and search through a wide-range of superyacht jobs to suit all levels of experience. We look forward to hearing from you, please contact us today to progress your application(s).

Image Credit: Dany Jack Mercier