Creating the Perfect CV for Superyacht Jobs

Creating the perfect CV can be a challenge, so we’ve created this blog post to give you some tips/advice on the topic.

Read our guide to writing the perfect CV

Essential CV creation tips

We have created a bulleted list of the main tips you’ll need to create that perfect CV:

⦁ Brevity – keep your CV brief, ideally 1 side of A4, at a maximum 2 sides. This is because recruiters have to sift through many CV’s to fulfil a role
⦁ All a CV does is get someone to pick up the phone.
⦁ Have your Marine license if applicable next to your name. It’s what the Yacht employers are looking for in the first instance.
⦁ Passport style photo, happy smiling face, ideally clean shaven, in 20 years I’ve never placed anyone with facial hair. Not my choice but you get the picture. Have a beard after you are employed by all means. You have to get there first.
⦁ Contact details – Name, phone number, current location, make your email linkable.
⦁ Error free – check and check again your CV. Make sure it is error-free and includes no spelling or grammar mistakes. I deliberately do not adjust CV’s if you’re a class 1 with terrible spelling or a newbie and your pronunciation isn’t great that will reflect in how you work as well. Your CV sells you.
⦁ Ideally your CV will be in times roman 12, in Word, no fancy fonts or boxes. It’s what you bring to the table that will get you hired. I also need to cut and paste it onto my header.
⦁ Honesty – always be honest, be truthful about your experience and don’t exaggerate!
⦁ Information to include – it’s advisable to include all of the following – nationality, home town, current location, date of birth, languages spoken, visas, years of industry experience and interests/hobbies
⦁ Qualifications – include your qualifications. The main focus has to be degree level and above qualifications and also any education specifically related to superyachts and marine industries
⦁ References – always include references (including name and contact information), if you don’t give references they will be asked for anyway!

Use our CV Template!

We know how hard writing a CV can be for many people in the superyacht industry. How do we know this? Well, that’s because so many of you have told us it is, over the years!

Therefore, to take some of the hassle out of creating your CV we have created a template for you to use. Here are the steps to accessing the CV template:
⦁ Register on our site – If you are not already registered on the site, click and enter all the registration details
⦁ Click the CV advice link, which is located at
⦁ Click on the link in the word here in the sentence “You can download the template here”. The link can also be accessed at

Contact J4Crew
We have kept this guide deliberately brief, just like your CV should be! If you need help completing your superyacht CV or just want to talk why not contact Joe or Chad today at J4Crew? We have some great superyacht opportunities for all levels of employees working on superyachts.

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